CoDAlab is a group of people in the Departament de Matemàtiques, a department of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya .

The group is active in an interdisciplinary intersection of applied mathematics, systems and control theory and engineering. The group covers both theoretical and applied research and has grown through the collaboration with other national and foreign leading research groups.

The group is composed by people with backgrounds in mathematics, physics, control engineering and civil engineering.

CoDAlab is recognized and funded by the research agency of Generalitat de Catalunya (catalan government) as a Consolidated Group for 2009-2013 and 2014-2016.




Members of CoDAlab have participated in the IX National Congress of the Clinical Laboratory (Madrid 7-9 October 2015):

  • Organization and lectures of the Beckman Coulter Workshop on Peripheral Blood Citology and Automation in the Diagnosis of Malign Hematological Disease (A. Merino and S. Alférez).
  • 2nd Prize in the best communication contest (over 2000 submissions) for the work on automatic identification of blastic cells presented by L. Bigorra, A. Merino, S. Alférez and J. Rodellar. 

Members of CoDAlab (J.M. Rossell, F. Palacios and J. Rubió) have built a new Stewart platform for control and identification research. It is located in the EPSEM - Manresa. Click to watch.

Santiago Alférez presented his PhD Thesis "Methodology for Automatic Classification of Atypical Lymphoid Cells from Peripheral Blood Cell Images" in the UPC Program on Biomedical Engineering, in June 2015. Click to download .















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