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Discrete Mathematics with Discrete Applied Mathematics (Combined Subscription)
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EJ of Undergraduate Mathematics (Furman U)
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Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics Volume & Issue Summary
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Journal of Differential Equations
Journal of Formalized Mathematics
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Journal of Lie Theory
Journal of Mathematical Physics
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Journal of Multivariate Analysis
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Journal of Symbolic Computation
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Linear and Multilinear Algebra (TOC)
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SIAM Journal on Optimization
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Tangents Online - The Harvard Math Bulletin
Theory and Applications of Categories
Theory of Probability and Its Applications
Ulam Quarterly
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Counterexamples in Clifford Algebras
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1. The Riemanian revolution
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The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Steven Skiena
(Freese) Lattice Drawing
General Algebra and Lattice Theory
Preference Structures (Fishburn)
The eigenvalues of the Laplacian for the homology of the lie algebra corresponding to a poset
Foundations of Concurrency (Stanford)
Chu Spaces: Automata with Quantum Aspects -
Partially-Ordered Multisets (Vaughn Pratt)-
Edge-Detection -
CS267: Notes for Lecture 13, Feb 27, 1996
CS267: Notes for Lecture 23, April 9, 1999
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CDAM Research Report Series
Graph Theory
Inverse of a Matrix Related To a Graph.
Maple Programs by Doron Zeilberger
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The Graph Theory team
On-line Dictionary of Combinatorics
Combinatorial Object Server
Concerning Compatibility of Standard Properties of Relations
Graph Drawing Server Home Page
Graphs and Combinatorics
Discrete & Computational Geometry
Journal of Graph Alorithms and Applications
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
CAIDA - IEC: Internet Engineering Curriculum Repository
Algorithms Project. Studies in Automatic Combinatorics
Graph Theory and Combinatorics